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The Wellingborough Orpheus Choir is a mixed choir of some 50 voices. We give several concerts each year and our repertoire includes major choral works and light music.

We often invite guest soloists, young instrumentalists from local schools, and brass and concert bands to join us for our concerts in and around Wellingborough.

New members are always welcome, particularly in the soprano, tenor and bass sections.  Rehearsals are held on Monday evenings at the Park Junior School, Great Park Street,  Wellingborough, Northants.

      Watch our performances of ‘Die Fledermaus’ and ‘Musical Risotto’


      Listen to us singing 'Let all the World'; and 'Blue Moon'

      Watch the finale of our 2012 Christmas concert



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The Wellingborough Orpheus Choir always welcomes new members
Please contact Barbara on 01933 665191 for details
Wellingborough Orpheus Choir is a Registered Charity No. 1149120

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